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Global HR and payroll solution in the cloud

Plan HR is the ideal tool to carry out the digital transformation of your company. Develop the Global Management of your HR, optimizing times and providing tools for remote work


With PLAN HR, your employees find a new way of relating and bonding
through the use of innovative internal collaboration and communication tools.

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  • Reduction of more than 60% in Claims for Erroneous Settlements (derived from the treatment of Inconsistencies immediately and by sector).


  • Segmentation of News by Sector, Headquarters, Management and/or Plant.


  • Reduction of more than 40% of Unplanned Overtime.


  • Optimize Licensing Planning.


  • Improves the Planning of Production Lines in the event of Absence Alerts.


  • Manage Digital Documents (Personal ID, Preoccupational Exam, Certificates, Titles, others).


  • Manage staff news in real time


  • Provides fluid communication between employees and their supervisors for the approval of various procedures, such as: Special authorizations, licenses, vacations, overtime, and many more.


  • Allows personnel control through an app specifically designed for geolocated mobile devices, or integrating with any biometric control equipment that the company has.


  • Plan the allocation of company´s personnel and third party resources to various projects and monitor their progress , allowing the integration of own personnel as well as third parties.

  • Perform Payroll settlement from the cloud with total flexibility to adapt to different regulations, typologies, agreements and regionalizations, with maximum security, data protection, performance and efficiency.


  • Manage Digital Files of all your Employees.


  • Manages Professional Development, Training and Skills Plans.


  • Access and share documents, view corporate policies, learn about company news, and many more options.

Modules that make up the system

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HR Core Plan

It allows you to flexibly manage the organization of your company. Manage
files, register information related to banks and service providers
related to staff well-being.

Payroll Management

Payroll settlement from a platform that operates online 365 days a year. With a modern and agile menu of options to adapt to all union agreements and labor regimes. Includes the settlement of Income Taxes and the administration of non-remunerative benefits

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Time control

Allows you to monitor the actual hours worked by personnel. It can be easily integrated with time control devices that the company has and adds the possibility of combining this with a mobile app with georeference. it is especially designed for companies with geographic dispersion combining information from countries with different time zones


Benefits and


Manage all the benefits that your company provides to staff: services
contracted, equipment on loan, nursery for children, studies and training of
postgraduate, and any other service designed for talent development and well-being for the better performance of their duties.

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Staff News

With this simple and powerful tool, you will be able to manage schedules,
absences, schedule patterns, having all the information updated on real time.

Allows the management of own resources and contracted third parties.

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ART management

Manage the management of trials and mediations, the current account, the Exams
Newspapers and the ILT of the contracted ART and its economic impact.


Training and


It allows to manage the learning of human resources dynamically and
efficient, integrating both virtual and face-to-face training solutions.
Identify the skills required for each position, facilitating the analysis to
design the necessary training plans.

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