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A new way of working as a Team with collaborative tools integrated into your ERP that allow you to manage tasks assigned to both your own resources and those of third parties

Working in multidisciplinary teams, and often remotely, requires being well organized.

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With Abssa Planner you can interact with assigned teams in real time.


You can stay informed about the status,
traceability, conversations of tasks and Projects.


And assign tasks to third-party resources, both from clients or suppliers with a complete evaluation of costs per hours consumed in each of the projects




  • Description

  • Start and end date

  • People assigned to the project

  • Permission levels



  • People assigned by task, times, statuses


Task group

  • Communication between assigned at task level

  • Attached files

  • Individual and general hour estimates

  • Actual hours consumed


Project progress

  • Amount of tasks.


Technical scope

  • Web development based on .net technology


  • Private cloud hosting


  • Possibility of integration via API Rest Full


  • No need for additional software

Functional scope

  • Internal chat linked to tasks


  • Multi-company and multi-language


  • History saving and traceability


  • Reports at Project or Task level


  • Notifications, notices and reminders Via Email


  • Configurable workflow


  • Linkable to the Time Control Module


  • Responsive web platform


  • Real-time user synchronization


  • Team management.


  • Interact with your team from anywhere in the world.


  • Configurable states according to your type of project and task.


  • Keeps conversations on localized tasks and
    visible to interveners.

  • Assign a project to members, define their tasks for each one.


  • Ask for individual estimates, average, etc.


  • Easily manage tasks.

Advantages of collaborative work

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  • Encourage the exchange of ideas.


  • Promote innovation.


  • Improve communication.


  • Increase productivity.


  • Shared goals are achieved.


  • Knowledge exchange.


  • It enhances the value of the results obtained.


  • Reduce errors.

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