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A comprehensive system for the administration of all the legal affairs of the company.


Web Platform composed of Modules that allows the Company to centralize the Administration and decentralize the Operation.


A system designed for administration
of all Legal Affairs of the Company

Specially designed to be the management tool that the Legal Area needs, allowing the exchange of information with other areas such as HR and Administration, together with the monitoring of cases assigned to the company's external studies.


Solution benefits

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Optimiza la Gestión del Cashflow.

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Establece Métricas Representativas para la Evaluación de las Gestiones.

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Permite la Administración Centralizada de todos los Asuntos Legales.

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Reduce la cantidad de Recursos que el Área de Legales necesita para la gestión de los Asuntos, a la vez que aumenta la Eficiencia.

Main features


By having a structured database based on the DNI, CUIT, CUIL and Vehicle Patent, it allows the linking of matters between areas of the company

Preventively identifying important novelties, such as:


  • Resources of third parties with demands towards the company.


  • Same witnesses participating in different lawsuits


  • Same attorneys sponsoring different matters

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Recursos de terceros con demandas hacia la compañía.

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Mismos testigos participantes en diferentes demandas

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Mismos abogados patrocinantes de diferentes asuntos​

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Linked apps

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Administración de las sociedades

Recursos de terceros con Legajo de cada Sociedad con el detalle de todos los Datos Relevantes: Estatuto, Inscripciones, Adendas, Socios, Apoderados, Vencimiento de los Mandatos, etc. Alertas de los Vencimientos y Archivo Digital de todos los Documentos.hacia la compañía.

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Workflow de Generación y de Aprobación, Alerta de Vencimientos, Repositorio de Templates, Autocompletado y Archivo Digital.

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Juicios, mediaciones
y otros

Integra a los Estudios Externos, consolida y actualiza los Montos Demandados y Previsionados, genera el Cashflow, permite la imputación contable por Centro de Costo y Cuenta Contable.

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Compuesta por los Modulos: Codigo de Etica; Canal de Denuncias Anonimas, y el Rol de Compliance Officer.

Linked solutions

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How does it work?

When the company receives a claim, it is loaded into the system and assigned to the law firm that usually handles cases. The data of the same, date of demand, amount, cause, etc. are incorporated. The received documents are also uploaded in a digitized manner.

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The study receives an automatic email indicating that a new case has been assigned, along with the link to access the platform where you can view the entire new case folder.
From there, the study will monitor the case within the platform for all the orders and news that arise, such as: update of amounts, hearing calendars, request for payment of fees, experts, rates, ect. In addition, the system will keep a current account of each case, associating it with the corresponding cost center for its accounting allocation.

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When the matter reaches its resolution, the system will have verified: demand amount - demand date and Closing Amount - Closing date, together with all the costs incurred. With this information, the system will present to the CFO the estimated cash flow for carrying out the Financial Provisions and Forecasts from one year to another.

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The audit reports that are usually required to present quarterly by the studies for the external auditors, are prepared automatically from the system.
This also provides precise information on the performance of each study for the different subjects or contracted jurisdictions, allowing the cases to be assigned according to the best performance of each one of them.

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